Create your own NFT avatar for TON

StickerFace will generate a cartoon character that looks just like you! Dress it up in NFT wearables and accessories, and use the avatar in games, apps, and social networks.

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  • Early access to all private sales during the year
  • Discount for the loot boxes with NFT wearables
  • Extra 1000 membership cards for TON Diamonds holders

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Create a unique look

You’ve got it all to personalize the character in as many aspects as you wish.
Generate your character with a selfie or build it using the creator kit.
Add awesome clothes, accessories or tattoes to your avatar.
Choose the background to suit the NFT-wearables that you’ve added.
Use your NFT-avatar in games, apps and on social media.

Creator kit

Play around with head shapes, skin colors or noses and see how flexible the StickerFace Creator Kit really is.
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Download the StickerFace app to generate your own avatar and access all features of the creator kit.


Buy clothes, accessories and tattoes for anyone and everyone! There are tons of goodies in our NFT wearables marketplace.

Mint your NFT Avatar

Get the NFT to be the one and only owner of the character you create. The holder’s nickname will be displayed next to the purchased StickerFace avatar.
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Our goal is to add the last NFT to the collection in 2023.

Q1 2022

  • Team hiring
  • Start creating NFTs
  • Fine-tuning the app & SDK

Q2 2022

  • NFTs created
  • Launch marketing campaign
  • First whitelist distribution
  • Private presale for TON Diamonds NFT holders
  • First airdrops

Q3 2022

  • Launch on GetGems NFT-marketplace
  • Active promotion in TON community and beyond
  • Launching first collaborations between international brands and StickerFace NFT Wearables

Q4 2022

  • Integration with games, apps and social media
  • Exclusive airdrops of partner NFTs
  • Exclusive sales of partner NFTs
  • Bringing the characters to life with lottie - animations and 3D

Get it on your phone!

Create endless avatars in the StickerFace app.

StickerFace SDK

Are you a developer? Integrate StickerFace SDK into your web, iOS and Android apps or games. Your users will love it!


This document presents a detailed explanation of the StickerFace project.
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Meet the gang! Doing our best to improve StickerFace every day.

Oleg Illarionov


Tony Polstyanka

Android developer

Max Khrabryi

iOS developer

Dima Danev


Slava Erin

Backend developer

Kostya Gulyaev


Nikita Mukhortov

Product designer

Pasha Zharko

Product designer